Monday, 22 February 2010


Image: Claire Hartigan, Valentine Bears, via Elphicks

So, how was your weekend? I hope it was a good one.

Sunshine! - We had one day of glorious sunshine on Saturday. It was back to grey and rain by Sunday but so nice to be reminded that the sky can be blue.

Baking, smitten kitchen style - I don't know how I've never looked at smitten kitchen before - I've seen it linked to on enough blogs. Anyhow, I was thinking about making homemade pizza on Friday, and found a pizza dough recipe on sk, and then saw these little lovelies, which just about made my heart jump with glee - I'm not a big cupcake fan but they looked stylish, sumptuous and intriguing. My version were not nearly as pretty, but still very very chocolatey good. The pizza was glorious too.

More bread - using the recipe I posted last week, but this time with toasted mixed seeds. I'd really like to get into a weekly bread habit if I can. Last week's batch lasted perfectly just up to the weekend.

Columbia Road Market in the rain - Haven't been for years, but it's always nice to wander around the flower stalls and eclectic little East London shops. Unfortunately the weather was beastly, so we spent most of our time trying to dry out and warm up, but I was really glad to come across Elphicks, a lovely art shop, which I have now discovered has an equally lovely blog. I've used one of their cards as the image at the top of this post - does that not make you smile?
Thinking about giving - Wife in the City's got me thinking about a project I read about a little while back - the idea is to give something every day for 29 days; anything from a cake to an old piece of furniture to a smile to a compliment to some time. I really think this is something worth doing and will endeavour to start today. Updates to follow.

But now, it is Monday, and about time I did some work I think...


  1. Hello, Lydia! Thank you for getting in touch :)
    Love your content here as it's very close to my heart - your recipes are just the ticket to survive the dreary rain.
    Congrats on the upcoming addition to the fam and happy blogging,

  2. Love that print!

    Sounds like a typical London weekend, always a hint of rain somewhere up above! I love the idea of the 29 days, the lovely Marie linked to you and here I am!

    Lovely blog, look forward to reading more!