Tuesday, 25 January 2011

That's the way to do New Year's Resolutions!

They are so tempting. The allure of a shimmering mirage of an upgraded you. The moreish taste of self discipline and pointless achievement. The chance to luxuriate for a little while in the possibility that this time you might change.

But I have learned my lesson. I've done resolutions in the past. I've got all enamoured with them, believed in them, and then forgotten them or ignored them hastily and reverted to type.

I flirted with them this year. I let the ideas pop up in my head. I thought, 'I'd like to: grow vegetables - finish a knitting project that actually works - send people presents on time - eat hardly any sugar - create delicious veggie dishes and fruit-based puds every night - wear grown up night gear - change the bed every fortnight - have always stylish hair - be nicer to people - give more to charity - network at work - go on date nights - stop watching shit tv - crochet a blanket - keep house plants alive - go to yoga once a week - meditate every day - take brilliant photos - not leave the house looking like a bag lady - sort everything before it becomes a pile - stop having miseries - read more - blog regularly - keep things clean - write real letters to people............................

And then I walked away from all that in the comfortable knowledge that it will never happen. And I thought, 'Let's make this achievable!'. And brief.

I resolved to go to the dentist.

I haven't been since 2001 - keep meaning to but I have a particular talent for not actually getting round to doing things that are quite easy but non-urgent and sound to me like a bit too much effort.

And... I went! Slightly freaked out by the young and glamorous lady dentist - I thought they were all old men. But she was lovely and only found one little spot that needed a filling (my first ever). So yay.

The silly thing is, I know this resolution thing is quite arbitrary, and well, kind of a cheat, but even so I keep getting this satisfying feeling of achievement. I'm done for the year!

If at first you don't succeed, as the saying goes...

(....lower your standards, or cheat)


  1. Oh yes, I know the resolutions feeling. Every day I get up and say I will do something useful today. One day I might just manage it too... Or I'll lower my standards or cheat :)

  2. Not visiting the dentist for 10 years.....and no filings. How did you manage that!?!?!

    I like your wishes for the year, although I actually think TV is designed for watching trash.

  3. The most honest account of new year's resolutions I've ever heard! I've not been to the dentist for so long, completely missed the free dental check ups in pregnancy AND for the year afterwards... maybe I need to make that my goal for February. Good work on having to have only one filling! X

  4. fay - I completely forgot that the pregnancy exemption was what spurred me on to finally go. Feeling slightly less accomplished and slightly more like a committed cheapskate!