Sunday, 10 January 2010

Inspiration: Paris

Three days in Paris to start the year. Absolutely freezing cold, but glorious food.

How lucky they are, Parisians, to have beautiful looking fruit and vegetables seemingly on every street, and to have markets full of such lovely wares as in the pictures here.

We pigged out a little bit. A perfect posh croque monsieur (goats cheese, another cheese and ham and the most delicious bread) for lunch. Steak, frites and tarte au pommes at Le Relais d'Entrecote (strange place, we both had been meaning to try for a while). A good meal in a Chinese/Thai restaurant. Bounteous salade nicoise. A smattering of chocolat chaud. Several pastries. Mmmmmmmm......

Above: an omelette stuffed with sauteed potatoes and lardons, and my poshed up croque monsieur. I adore the French for their salads. I like the lettuce tasty and the vinagrette vinegary. This was a perfect example!

PS - also; recommend the Musee Carnavalet, a lovely little museum which 'tells the history of Paris through Objets d'Art'. Incredible recreation of an Art Deco jewellers and lots of interesting old furniture and recreated interiors, as well as Paris related paintings and drawings. And free!


  1. Oh, I love Paris!! It's been such a long time since I've been there-- now I'm wishing for travel!

  2. I do really appreciate the fact it is less than 3 hours from our front door to being at the Gare du Nord - yay for Eurostar! (Although with the Euro at the price it is we shan't be nipping across too often!)