Monday, 25 January 2010

New kitchen!

We've spent the last two weekends moving house. First, just the essentials came across and we revelled at how we echoed in the big new space like pinballs in a giant game. Then we spent a day packing and a day shifting boxes into a van, out of a van and into our lovely new space (I of course didn't do much lifting or shifting - bizarre to be incapacitated when you don't feel as though you should be...)

So, there's still a lot of unpacking to do. We are amazed and slightly disgusted by the acquisitions we've amassed. But the kitchen stuff is all in its new cupboards and I have already been baking. We've gone from having a tiny kitchen with no windows and very little space, to having this:

There's space! Light! Lots of surfaces! Loads of cupboards! Chairs and a table! I've been listening to a lot of Radio 4 and pottering around. Knitting at the table whilst potatoes bake; taking the time to wash up as I go along; spending all evening in the kitchen - that kind of thing. It's absolutely lovely.

This chocolate sandwich cake I baked yesterday, as a celebration of having all the baking stuff finally moved in. It's nothing spectacular - I won't bother giving you the recipe as I don't think it's worth it, but it comes from my newest cookbook, which produced some super scotch pancakes a couple of weekends ago - I will post the recipe for these soon.

And finally, here's me in the new space, looking very pleased with myself, and showing off my little 14-week bump (which I have to admit just looks like I do normally after a big meal and sticking my tummy out!):


  1. your new kitchen looks awesome - enjoy it! congrats on the baby! and i have to say i know exactly what you mean, my stomach gets so big after meals that i have often wonderered whether it would look any different if i was actually pregant.

  2. Love the kitchen, looks amazing. And the cake looks yummy too. Good enough for the cafe?

  3. Julia - Thanks! It is actually quite disconcerting as I keep thinking I have a bump then it disappears and I realise it was just excess eating!

    Marie - you will have to come and see the kitchen in person soon! Cake not up to the requisite standard I'm afraid - will keep baking and experimenting. Only the best... ;-)