Thursday, 11 March 2010

A treasure trove...

So this imaginary café, I'd like it to be a place you can buy nice bits and bobs, as well as be nourished with yummy wholesome food. There's a lovely little place round the corner from us in Kentish Town, MAP studio and café, which was shut for refurbishment last time I looked sadly, but they sold a whole range of pottery there, which they also served the food and drinks in (see photo, left, from their website). I really liked the look of it and the fact you could read about its maker and browse it there. (I can't remember the name of the collection for the life of me though!)

I also like Frevd in Covent Garden, with its ever changing art displays you can purchase. It makes the place interesting, and I like the idea of being able to take home something you fall in love with whilst eating a toasted sandwich (at which Frevd are rather good; see also their milkshakes and evening cocktails).

So, I envisage my café with art works on the wall, and little displays in nooks and crannies; just a few interesting bits and pieces you can buy. Probably quite present-suitable stuff; pottery, jewellery, accessories, kitchen items, small home furnishing type items. And from local independent creators.

I'm rambling... the point is, that all this musing was inspired by being on Etsy today, browsing through lovely handmade things, looking for things to put in the present cupboard*. So I thought I'd share my favourite picks today - the kinds of things I think would be absolutely super in the imaginary café:

From left to right:

Rosebud necklace by Calexandra, who also has lovely hairclips and brooches
Wool necklaces by Kjoo
Seahorse vase by oneblackbird

I always find Etsy incredibly difficult to browse, tending instead to come across good finds through blogs; if you've found anything lovely recently I'd love to know; please do tell!...

* my attempt to mitigate my terrible habit of never getting people birthday presents on time because I can't find the 'perfect' thing; I snap up lovely things as soon as I see them, then see if there's anything in there that's suitable when it comes to birthdays. It's a new initiative so yet to see if it really works...


  1. oh your imaginary cafe sounds lovely!
    Filled with pots and vases and art.. would be so interesting and inspiring too.
    pretty etsy finds- I feel the same and often end up typng random words and seeing what comes up! It can be quite bamboozling!

    Gorgeous blog!

  2. Thanks Lula! I have just popped over to your blog and v glad to have made its acquaintance - lovely! Will be back for more...