Saturday, 10 July 2010

Get thee to the cinema!

Ah, if only all romcoms were this good!

Heartbreaker, a 'fromcom' (French rom com) starring Romain Duris and Vanessa Paradis, follows a man who's paid to break up relationships, which he does in a variety of entertaining and innovative ways with the help of his sister and her husband, as he goes about on his most difficult job yet. Reasons to go and see it:

1. I laughed out loud a lot, and I am not generally a laugh-out-louder in the cinema
2. My boyfriend laughed even more than me!
3. There's a little schmaltz, but in quite a cute, feelgood way. I might even confess to shedding a tear.
4. Romain Duris is quite charming, in a skinny crooked French kind of way.
5. It doesn't have a terrible sappy and/or downright stupid heroine who is a disgrace to womankind, like many of its genre.
5. It's very snappy and fast-moving; you won't get bored.
6. Vanessa Paradis' wardrobe is quite lovely
7. The soundtrack works well.
8. I promise you'll love the Dirty Dancing scene.

One of the most enjoyable films I've seen in a long time. Do go.


  1. Hmmm maybe we will go to a lovely air conditioned cinema to escape the heat...

  2. ps Someone at work absolutely raved about this film yesterday.

  3. Hope you enjoy it too if you do go!

    Typically English, the weather has turned so that now you might want to go to the cinema to escape the rain! (at least down here)

  4. Oh, i'm a bit desperate to see this... soon, soon...
    PS I have just found your blog, glad I did!

  5. I'm glad you did too! - just been over to your blog to idle through your archives and very much enjoying them so thanks for stopping by and saying hello here!