Thursday, 15 July 2010

I finished the mittens!

I finally finished something I started knitting! (see this post for the whole sorry story...)
On the plus side, they look like mittens, and they fit. However, I'm a bit disappointed with my douple pointed needle skills. On the first one, I was knitting into the back of the stitch on the corners, as I'd read that made for a tighter join. But you can see on this photo that it gives a bit of a weird wiggly line where I've done that.
So, on the second I just knit it all normally, but the join on this one is a big line of loose stitches like train tracks. Possibly this is because I did them in bamboo, which stretches out a bit more on my hand than the last pair I knitted, I think in a cashmerino yarn.

Any knitters out there have any tips?!?!

So, not sure they're present-worthy, but they will at least come in handy come winter. I wore the last pair I knitted all last winter, but they were done in a yucky mint colour, just as a prototype and then got hidden in a cupboard somewhere and emerged a little bit moth-eaten, so they have holes. Nevertheless, they were so cosy and cocoon-like for my fingers; much more satisfying than the cheapo gloves I have.


  1. Good job! My dpn technique is so poor I just knit in the round instead. And the mittens I make I just knit flat and sew together so I am very impressed at this glorious pair. You've got me thinking about my winter woolens now!

  2. Hi Fay - thanks for stopping by! I think I need to find a flat mitten pattern - I can imagine that works just as well and sounds MUCH easier. Genius!

  3. I love them! I think knitting is often just a matter of practice and more practice - I'm no expert but my tension has improved over time. And some of my favourite things I've made are the ones in which the learning curve was still highly evident - and we're talking MUCH more evident than in yours, which I think are really lovely! Bamboo is veeeery stretchy so I'm sure that's lots to do with it. Those are great though, wear with pride :)

  4. thanks jane! I'm sure you're right about the practice. (hmmm, good excuse to go and research new lovely patterns and yarns!...)