Friday, 2 July 2010


Yesterday was my last day in the office. So I'm now on what B likes to refer to as my 'holidays'...

I had been counting down the days for the last month or so. Work was manic right up to the end, with normal deadline pressures compounded with various 'people-problems', so I couldn't wait to be shot of it. Which is a little bit of a shame, to be leaving with a bad taste in the mouth as it were, but now only a number of hours on I feel quite a long way away from all that, which is nice.

And also a little weird. I was so looking forward to leaving work I wasn't expecting to feel any difficulty adjusting to being at home, but as I left the office yesterday it was like I only just realised that that meant I wouldn't be going to work for quite a while. And it felt bizarre.

Still, I have plans for how I'll fill my days so I'm sure I'll settle in just fine pretty shortly; there's heaps of admin, household, little nitty gritty things I'd like to get sorted, and I'm going to make sure I make the most of the last days I'll have to act like a lady of leisure with as many lazy lunches and meet-ups as possible. And possibly I'll have time to blog a little more!


  1. HAhahaha holidays....... well maybe for now :) I am so looking forward to being on maternity leave in 7 weeks. Yay. No rushing to get O and I out of the house by a certain time when he doesnt' want to get dressed, can start cooking dinner without rushing and will be fitting in a bit of sleeping while O is at daycare.....before the craziness begins when baby 2 gets here. I have so much to do, you could pop round and help....clean windows, sort out babys room as there is crap everywhere, do tax returns, filing, gardening, clean the car, and the list goes on and on and on.
    Enjoy your next few weeks, leisurly lunches sound great..... xxx

  2. Enjoy your lazy lunches in imaginary or real life cafes.

  3. Eeeps! It's all getting rather close. Enjoy the time off before the new little one arrives :)