Saturday, 24 April 2010

Etsy (and more) round-up - Homewares

I've expanded my sights this time to include bouf, a shop full of interesting things by independent designers, which I recently came across. It's not the nicest site to browse in navigation terms, but there's plenty of interesting stuff on there. So, this time, home-y stuff...

And first up, some glasses with pretty winter trees on. I'm really quite taken with these - I think the trees on the glass is really lovely. From Snowden Flood at bouf.

We get through a lot of coffee at ours, and have between us something like 5 stovetops, so I think this teatowel would be apt, as well as pretty chic. From Mengseldesigns at etsy.

Love this scorched cherry bowl by Makye designs at etsy. Perfect for fruit, although I almost wouldn't want to cover it up I like the look of it so much (and I think it's actually a bit small).

It helps that a long time ago I was involved in one of those ongoing work email-chats which had touched upon my colleagues fascination with cephalopods and went into further and further detail about his escape from the land of petty publishing into owning a magnificent cephalopod centre... (ah, those were the days, I work with auditors now - stories about crocodiles in suits and cephalopod dreams have been replaced with questions about the technicalities of International Accounting Standards). Anyway, even if the sight of a squid didn't make me smile for that nostalgic reason, I would still like this graphic cushion from olofsdaughter on bouf a lot.

Neat little wooden coasters by peppersprouts on Etsy. I don't know why chairs look so good drawn out, but they invariably do. (e.g. this cute print by JaniceJ)

And finally, finishing where we started with Snowden Flood on bouf. This crockery set has rivers printed on it. My map-loving mother and any other geography nerds would like these. I think they're pretty cool too.

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