Sunday, 18 April 2010

Etsy roundup - jewellery

Another collection of lovely handmade loot from the labyrinthine realms of Etsy. Concentrating on jewellery this time...

I like this pendant from yoola a lot. Even more, I like the fact that she sells pdf patterns for her unique crocheted wire products on her shop too, so budding craftistas can create their own. How much fun...

I like the natural feel to these leaf-inspired earrings from Liz Kennedy. Check out her shop for lots of very classy silver pieces.

This is very cute isn't it? And kind of clever. A bow made of recycled glass. I like that a lot. Lots more recycled glass products at Fox and Clover.

These are both from eninaj, whose shop I love browsing. She does some amazing stuff with leather cut with lace-patterns, which is very unusual. But my favourites are these very modern and interesting pieces - a brass and leather bracelet and architecturally-inspired gold earrings.

This gorgeous Hawthorn cluster necklace by Abigail Percy would make any outfit look special, I think. It's super super pretty.

I'm a big fan of rose gold, and am completely enamoured with this rose gold, opal set ring. It's classic enough to go with everything, but really unusual and intriguing with those hollowed-out bands at the same time. I love it. From artisan look.
And finally, I think this simple but bold pendant by Mischief by Loki would be another piece which you could wear with virtually anything, and which would work really well to brighten up the plain and quite dull clothes I usually wear to work. I like the weightiness it looks like it has.
Have you come across any etsy (or other handmade) treasures recently?


  1. I love Abigail Percy jewellery. Good choices!

  2. The ring is my favourite - I love stacked rings. It's the end of the day so I may just do some etsy window shopping now...