Thursday, 29 April 2010

I would like to...

1. Make my own sourdough starter and bread
2. Do more crochet
3. Start composting
4. Get some nice houseplants (and keep them alive!!!) - succulents I think
5. Do yoga teacher training (one day!)
6. Get better at making *good* clothes purchases

I'm copying Wife in the City's neat little list of things she would like to do, because I liked it.

These are my preoccupations currently. What are yours???


  1. This is a great list. If you do yoga teacher training I'll happily be a guinea pig pupil of yours :)

  2. ooh what's your criteria for 'good' clothes purchase? I'm on the search for this summer's perfect sandal...

  3. I saw M's list and thought about what I would put on mine and now you have both done one mine is like this:

    1/ Go to South America, trek the Incas, And Africa and safari, and take my family to Paris and France

    2/ Meditate every day

    3/ Clear out the front garden of all the overgrown weeds and plants and plant new plants including camelias

    4/ Finish my Cert IV in Bookkeeping

    5/ Find some yummy new easy veggie receipes - and gluten free!!

    6/ Have a positive birth experience in Sept

    i'm sure there are many more but there will get me started :) I will copy to Wife in the Citys blog.

  4. Joan - I guess I mean finding those rare things that are well-made, well-fitting and well-suited to me. I just give up too often and end up with something cheap and generic that I don't love and which I know will fall apart sooner or later. Hate throwing out clothes knowing I shouldn't have bought them in the first place! At the moment, looking flat shoes and a jacket... Been after these for a while! Good luck with your sandal hunt!

    K - good list! I would have added daily yoga/meditation to mine, except I've tried to get in a routine so often and never stuck with it I now just think it'll come when it comes...

    M - glad you are enjoying your yoga course. I think it'll probably be a good few years before I get a chance to teacher train, if that's still a goal then.