Thursday, 15 April 2010

Etsy roundup - ceramics

I've been trawling etsy for more goodies again (work is getting on my nerves and it's the perfect late afternoon time-wasting/relaxation technique I find)...

There were so many tempting lovelies, I decided to separate into categories. Today I'll show ceramics; more categories should follow (unforeseen interruptions to my procrastination sessions notwithstanding!)
1. yogagoat's hibiscus mugs. I love the solid chunky shape of these - just like my favourite tea mug - and the pretty colours. There are a whole host of other patterns and some stunning patterned plates in the store.
2. Not strictly ceramics - this plant pot is made from concrete! Which appeals to me and my clumsy nature as I'm assuming that would be pretty sturdy. I think this would look cute on a patio or terrace with other random pots in similar shades. From impure vessels.

3. These dinner plates from Cloudwest really appeal to me - simple but with a satisfying weight (I imagine) and curve. There's also enough dip there to hold some serious sauce - we only have one deep plate that is perfect for stews and other saucy dishes and I wish I had more.

4. Two gorgeous pieces from Kim Westad - a vase and bowl. I love the lines and the pattern like little bubbles fizzing all over the surface.

5. And finally, I'm a real fan of the colours on these big cups - cappuccino, soup, cereal, hot chocolate; all sorts would be suitable for these beauties from JD Wolfe.


  1. The Kim Westad pieces are just lovely. They've got a great flow about them.

  2. Those first mugs are gorgeous - nothing better than tea in a chunky mug. Yum.

  3. Are these on your family wishlist?!?!??! :)