Sunday, 11 April 2010

Vegan chocolate cake

Yes, I know I'm a little late for an Easter-themed cake, but after a manic week at work I'm finally catching up on some posting, and I really wanted to tell you about this lovely recipe I used for these cupcakes, which were served up to general appreciation for brunch desserts on Good Friday.

They're from Joy the Baker, which I've only just discovered, and is an absolute delight. I made two of her oatmeal banana cakes this weekend because the first one was so good it didn't even last a day.

This particular recipe is unusual in that there are no eggs or butter, and instead avocados provide the fat. I've made vegan cakes with tofu before, and I've made cakes with potatoes, parsnips, beetroots and carrots in, but never seen an avocado recipe. My curiosity was piqued!

I liked to let people eat them first before telling them what was in them; in my experience people can be ever so prejudicial against vegetables in their bakery products. They were pretty impressed at the alchemy. As was I. They rose beautifully, produced lovely shiny cracked crusts and were soft and moist and springy to eat. Lovely.


  1. so you couldn't taste any avocado?? i have never heard of this trick before.

  2. no - you couldn't taste it at all! My only criticism was that when they were fresh out of the oven I found the texture a bit claggy - it kind of stuck to the mouth of your roof when you chewed - but that disappeared once they'd cooled.

    the original recipe calls for avocado buttercream - this was a step too far with the avocado for me...