Monday, 26 April 2010

oh weekend!

oh weekend! the first breath of your air as I leave the office behind, so sweet and full of promise.

the long, sumptuous hours of yours I can relax into. the luxury of laying head on hands and squinting up at budding branches from sun-warmed grass.

the pottering, the sorting, playing around, getting bits done, smelling the fresh baked bread as it sits and cools on the side.
the gloriousness of the ordinary moments - walking down the road to get an ice cream after dinner; being on a bus but not commuting; wandering the heath and seeing all the others at leisure with dogs and kites and prams and picnics; stopping for tea and talk; relaxing with a magazine; snuggling up to watch the snooker.
oh, i love you, weekend, you beautiful thing.


  1. Enjoy those kind of weekends..........they are distant dream now for us.......:) Although we did have a nice time at the zoo yesterday. Was fun watching O feeding the kangaroos and chasing chickens!!

  2. That is one splendid description of how a weekend should be! Hope you enjoyed it! Thanks so much for your kind comment on my blog. Your photographs are great too! The bread looks yummy! And that first photo is a great composition...x LZ

  3. Oh oh oh. Lazy weekends are the best.

    Beautiful photos, beautiful words :)